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The Three Pillars To Build A Leadership Brand


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As you grow, your brand should also evolve.

Take the time to assess your leadership brand and make necessary updates to stay relevant and aligned with your career and business goals.

Stand out from the crowd, connect and make an impact to your stakeholders with a strong and authentic leadership brand identity, know who you are, what you stand for and the impact you want to make. This is what makes people remember you, trust you, and ultimately choose to work with you or promote you.

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 As the business landscape constantly evolves...

it is influenced by economic conditions, politics, technological advancements, geopolitical events, and globalisation...

...It's crucial to evolve as a leader and establish a leadership brand that remains relevant and competitive.


The 3 Pillars To Build Leadership Brand is what every leader needs to build a foundation for influence.

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 In this Guide on The 3 Pillars To Build your Leadership Brand, you'll Reflect on...


How your diverse experiences, cultural influences and family ties weave your identity.

This profoundly influences how you navigate societal norms and expectations. Take the time to delve into the depths of your personal history that have shaped who you are. This introspective journey can gain valuable insights that will shape your future.


How to manage your personal and professional relationships.

Craft a compelling vision to inspire and influence stakeholders to achieve a common goal. Engage them through storytelling to buy in and support your endeavours. Adapt your influence style, leveraging your distinct qualities to differentiate yourself and forge strategic relationships.


How to be a change catalyst to drive systemic change to solve complex problems.

Utilise your unique strengths and talents to challenge the status quo and create shifts within your system. Create an inclusive environment to foster growth, creativity and collaboration.



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This Guide is What You Need  If...

You are hard-working, but you are marginalised and passed over for promotion.
You are alone in your projects, facing resistance and a lack of support and buy-in from key people.
You feel like a misfit, tirelessly working long hours trying to fit in to prove yourself, but never quite finding your place. 
You are in a team where your presence goes unnoticed, your voice unheard, and your contributions not valued.
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Change is about creating internal shifts. The journey towards evolution begins from within.

  • Align With Self: Strive to become a better leader, and use the insights gained from your experiences to inform how you tell your story. By understanding who you are and what makes you stand out, you can understand how best to stand in your authentic power.
  • Align With Others: You can minimise resistance to change and inspire your stakeholders to get commitment, buy-in and support. Recognise that influence is necessary to create meaningful relationships and connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 
  • Align Your System: Drive transformation within your system to make a lasting impact on the world. Use your story as a powerful tool for change to build stronger teams and boost productivity and morale. 
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A Note From Tumi

An Executive, Change Leadership and Team Systems Coach

BA Hons (Psychology), Masters in Business Leadership, (MBL)

I am an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach with Coach training in Results Coaching Systems, Centre for Creative Leadership (NCO) and certification in Organisation Relationships and Systems Coaching (ORSC).

The 3 Pillars of Building a Leadership Brand is the foundation I use to help my clients discover what it takes to set them apart and make them unique to propel their careers forward.

I discovered these pillars when I struggled with my own identity as a leader in a corporate space. I got stuck in an endless loop of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. The insights into how my family, cultural and societal landscape had shaped my identity gave me the courage to uncover my potential, leveraging on my strengths to start my business doing work I love to inspire transformation within my system.

Download this guide and position yourself for success.  

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